Currency Trading On Superb Terms

Trade Forex with Acorn Investments and enjoy competitive spreads

Acorn Investments is ideal for anyone seeking to access the profit potential the markets present.

Trading on the markets can potentially offer those with the required know-how and skill access to significant returns. These potential returns are what attract tens of thousands of people to trading every year.

Acorn Investments aims to offer a solution for individuals and investors who do not have the necessary time available or inclination to learn to trade by providing access to a managed trading service that seeks higher returns. Our managed trading service has achieved returns of over 45% per month for investors.

You will benefit from our expertise in the markets and our years of experience of connecting investors to trading strategies that seek higher returns.

Here at Acorn Investments we provide you with a fully regulated and compliant structure to access the discretionary managed trading service available. The team behind Acorn Investments include institutional traders and industry experts with over 45 years worth of combined experience. By choosing to have your trading account managed by Acorn Investments you will gain access to any of the trading strategies we have available.

You do not pay any fee to join. Here at Acorn Investments, we charge you a monthly performance fee of 25-30% of any profits achieved meaning you keep the remaining 70-75%.

Our Experience

Acorn Investments has achieved returns of over 70% per month for investors who have accessed the managed trading service. With over 45 years combined trading experience the Acorn Investments trading team aims to maximize profits for investors in a compliant and regulated environment.

100% Transparency

Smart investors take note. Our performance results speak for themselves and can be viewed 24/7 for you to verify. Here at Acorn Investments, we charge you a monthly performance fee of 25-30% of any profits achieved, you keep the remaining 70-75%.

Risk Management

You can select the amount of capital you are willing to risk for this type of investment, due to uses a system that uses its best endeavors (under normal market conditions) to terminate trading if your account reaches the level you set. Available up to 80% of your deposit.